COVID-19 Testing for Individuals

Dynamic Diagnostics offers fast and accurate COVID-19 testing for persons of all ages, for travel and other purposes.

Accepting Walk-in Patients. No Appointments Required.

Covid testing

Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe
with Frequent COVID-19 Testing

Dynamic Diagnostics provides COVID-19 individual testing for the safety and wellness of everyone. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms, planning a holiday trip, or just wanting to feel at ease, you can rely on our convenient testing services available across the United States.

To prevent the further transmission of the novel coronavirus, we are offering PCR and rapid testing . We don’t require appointments,
insurance policies, or extra fees.

On-Site Testing

Dynamic Diagnostics' On-Site Testing Options

Dynamic Diagnostics offers two diagnostic tests that can detect active COVID-19 infections, but it is important to determine which one works best for your needs. Visit our test type page for more information about PCR and rapid testing. If you have further questions or concerns about your COVID-19 test, you may find the answers you’re looking for on our FAQ page.

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PCR Testing

High Accuracy. Long Turnaround Time.

PCR testing requires specimens to be sent to a medical laboratory for examination, thus the longer turnaround time compared to rapid testing. Nevertheless, it is considered the gold standard in COVID-19 detection because of its high accuracy, especially during the early stages of infection. It is mainly administered to symptomatic individuals or used as a confirmatory test.

illustration Rapid antigen test

Rapid Testing

Reliable Alternative. Fast Results.

Rapid antigen testing provides quick results for particular situations. It allows safe return to schools and offices and lets close contacts or recently exposed individuals quickly determine whether they are infected. This test, which provides results within an hour, is a fast and effective solution to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community.


Trusted COVID-19 Testing for the Whole Family in Bartlett, Illinois and across the Country

Protect your family, friends, and community with our COVID-19 testing. We work with licensed clinical laboratories and only use test kits
authorized by the FDA to guarantee safe and accurate test results. 

COVID-19 Individual Testing throughout the USA

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from COVID-19


COVID-19 Testing for Kids

Dynamic Diagnostics helps parents and legal guardians keep their entire families safe from COVID-19. With our PCR and rapid testing for kids, you can prepare for school activities, family travels, sports events, and more with enhanced safety and peace of mind.

When to Test Your Child for COVID-19

  • Possible Infection:

    If your child is showing symptoms of COVID-19, you must have them tested
    as soon as possible to contain the spread of the virus within your household and community.

  • Close Contact Exposure:

    If your child was recently exposed to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infected individual, have them tested immediately to determine if they have contracted the virus – even if they are not showing any symptoms.

  • School Requirements:

    Most childcare programs and educational institutions require kids to be tested
    for enrollments, school trips, and after-school activities to ensure the safety of other students, as well as their faculty and staff.

  • Travel Purposes:

    Many destinations require travel-approved test results before and after trips. Enjoy safe and worry-free trips with your children during the holidays with our COVID-19 testing for kids.

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COVID-19 Testing

Our COVID-19 testing is offered to everyone, with or without insurance, as long as you have a government-issued identification card.

Licensed COVID-19 Testing

Our COVID-19 testing service is licensed and accredited. We strictly follow the local and national governments' guidelines and protocols in administering COVID-19 tests.

Variant-Detecting Lab Tests

Our testing services detect known COVID-19 variants, including the Delta and newfound variants, to effectively mitigate the virus’s spread.

We also offer COVID-19 Testing for Businesses within the USA. We tailor our testing services to fit your needs.

Learn more about our  COVID-19 Tests for Businesses

Dynamic Diagnostics follows the local health guidelines and CDC testing guidelines to ensure the safety of families and communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.