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Dynamic Diagnostics provides accurate large-scale COVID-19 business testing.

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Keep Your Employees and Business Safe
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Customized COVID-19 Business Testing across the Country

Dynamic Diagnostics offers COVID-19 testing for businesses, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other organizations throughout the country. Our testing services are flexible and tailored to the specific needs of your business and employees.

Prevent COVID-19 transmission in your workplace with our fast and accurate COVID-19 business testing. With our CLIA-certified laboratories and FDA-approved test kits, we guarantee safety, protection, and uninterrupted operations for your company. Our COVID-19 business testing services include:

On-Site Testing

Dynamic Diagnostics' On-Site Testing Options

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PCR Testing

The Gold Standard for Diagnosing COVID-19

PCR testing accurately detects active infection of the COVID-19 virus in both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. Our PCR tests are available for on-site and off-site testing, depending on your preference. They all use nasopharyngeal swabs and are processed by our partner CLIA-certified laboratory.

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Rapid Testing

Point-of-Care Testing with Quick Results

Rapid antigen testing is a reliable method that provides slightly less accurate but faster results compared to PCR. It is best used for screening tests in communities and organizations. We offer on-site and off-site rapid antigen business testing across the United States, with results available within an hour.


COVID-19 Business Testing Made Easy

Our COVID-19 business testing caters to all businesses within the United States, from small organizations to large corporations across all industries. We understand that every company is different. Therefore, we customize our testing services according to the specific needs of your organization. With our quick and reliable testing, you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort organizing large-scale testing. We will take care of all the processes and keep your business testing
quick, safe, and hassle-free.

Our medical professionals are qualified and trained to administer COVID-19 tests safely and accurately. And with our use of FDA-approved test kits and industry-leading medical equipment, partnership with CLIA-certified laboratories, and strict compliance with the HIPAA, we ensure reliable testing and guarantee precise results. Rapid test results are available on the same day within an hour, and PCR results are released within 48-72 hours.

  • Healthcare

    First responders must receive the best COVID-19 solutions for their safety.
    We are honored to serve all the frontline health workers working nonstop to curb the further spread of COVID-19 in the country. Help protect our modern-day heroes with a reliable and customized testing service that fits their needs.

  • Manufacturing and Construction

    The manufacturing and construction industries already have their own share of risks, but COVID-19 transmission makes things even more challenging for workers. Prevent a sudden breakout in your workplace and put your employees at ease with our business testing. We will customize our testing service according to your business's needs.

  • Corporate

    Compared to people working in other industries, corporate employees who do not have close in-person interactions with clients and coworkers face a lower COVID-19 exposure risk. However, they are still not completely safe from the virus. Further lower their risk and promote their safety through our reliable business testing services.

  • Food and Retail

    Indoor businesses, such as restaurants, convenience stores, and the like are at extreme risk of COVID-19 infection, especially when employees work closely with customers in an enclosed area – all it takes is one infected person, and everyone’s health is put in danger. Prevent the transmission of the virus in your food and retail business with our dependable testing services.

  • Education

    Most educational institutions require mandatory testing to ensure the safety
    of students, teachers, and staff members, especially as they resume in-person learning. Allow our on-site or in-clinic testing solutions to help you conduct schoolwide or university-wide testing efficiently.

  • Media and Entertainment

    For the media and entertainment industries, rapid testing is ideal to avoid delays in operations and help ensure that deadlines are met. Nevertheless, Dynamic Diagnostics offers both PCR and rapid testing for everyone’s safety and convenience. Take advantage of our COVID-19 testing options to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in your production studios and sites.


Unlike most testing companies, we work hand in hand with a medical practice and CLIA-certified laboratories to provide reliable testing and exceptional medical care to our clients. With our FDA-EUA-certified labs, we have worked with numerous companies and organizations on a local and national scale, and delivered a rapid turnaround of lab results for small and large companies alike.

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The Difference

Experience the Dynamic Diagnostics Difference

At Dynamic Diagnostics, everyone’s safety is our priority. With our flexible testing services, we help businesses operate safely and smoothly, 
Here’s why you should rely on us for your business’ COVID-19 testing needs:

Reliable COVID-19 Business Testing
for Every Industry in Bartlett, Illinois
and throughout the USA

Protect Your Employees and Business from COVID-19

COVID-19 Business Testing with a Purpose


Enhanced Workplace Safety

Regular testing of employees can help ensure their safety and of their work environment. Developing a COVID-19 protection program for your organization can benefit your business
in the long run.


Increased Employee Productivity

Constant testing will provide a sense of security in the workplace while preventing an outbreak within your company or organization. This can contribute to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.


Improved Customer Safety

When your employees are frequently tested, you can guarantee the safety of the customers and guests within your establishment. Moreover, this preventive measure may help your business earn the trust
of your consumers.


Higher Competitive Advantage

Not all companies consider regular COVID-19 testing. Therefore, if you have a frequent business testing program in your workplace, you can set yourself apart
from your competitors.


Fewer Liability and Compliance Issues

Keeping your employees and workplace as safe as possible from the novel coronavirus will reduce your risk of facing liabilities and compliance issues, and help strengthen
your business reputation.

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Accredited COVID-19 Testing

Your COVID-19 test results can be used
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Customized Business Testing

Our COVID-19 testing services are tailored
to fit your organization’s needs. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your requests and concerns, and we’ll address them accordingly.


Our business testing services are offered
at reasonable cost to any business in our service areas. Simply reach out to us for further assistance.

We also offer Individual PCR and Rapid COVID-19 Testing.
No hidden charges.
No insurance required.

Learn more about our  COVID-19 Tests for Individuals

Dynamic Diagnostics’ medical testing centers follow the CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidance
for businesses and employers about responding to COVID-19.