Get the Right Omicron Antigen Test

Learn how different tests help in fighting against COVID-19 and when they should be used.


What Is an Antigen Test for Travel?

This Rapid Antigen Test for Travel detects the Presence of Antigens against the COVID-19. Through this Omicron Antigen Test, the proteins on the Surface of SARS-COV-2 are detected and give the appropriate Result whether you are carrying the Virus or not.

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How Does the Antigen Test Work?

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Sample Collection

First We Collect the Sample through a Nasal or Throat Swab and mix it with a Solution. Then it is placed onto an Indicator device that will detect the Presence of Virus that Causes COVID-19.

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After Collecting the Sample and Placing it on the Indicator Device, We then Extract the genetic material or RNA from that Sample.

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Then that Sample will Undergo a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to increase the copy of DNA Sample using the PCR Machine, Special Chemicals and Enzymes.

Which Test is Better Antigen Vs PCR?

People who are Suffering from COVID-19 and want Accurate Result of their testing then PCR is better than any other COVID-19 test. The Sensitivity of Antigen Test is somehow Lower than the PCR Test. That’s why many people prefer PCR Testing rather than Antigen test.


What Is Rapid Antigen Test Price?

This test is Administered by Professionals to identify the Symptoms of COVID-19.  The Rapid Antigen test is less Sensitive than Polymerase Lab Test, So Negative Results may need to be Confirmed again with a molecular Test. Antigen Test for Travel typically costs between $15 and $50.

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Rapid Antigen Testing: A Fast Step

The Country you are visiting will request you to provide the Negative Result of COVID-19 before letting you enter. So, complete your Antigen Test for Travel Now to avoid the Problems.  

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Trusted Diagnostic Antigen Test with the Sensitivity of more than 93% to keep it Valid for Traveling.

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It is easily Accessible and Affordable that a Non-Medical Professional can also Perform. It is Widely Available in pharmacies.

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With the Fast and Accurate Tools for frequent screening in Different Locations. We detect Early for Asymptomatic People.