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Dynamic Diagnostics

Dynamic Diagnostics

Dynamic Diagnostics US is a Chicago-based, veteran-owned testing company established to serve and protect our community. We are composed of professional and friendly individuals that administer rapid and PCR tests for everyone, even without health insurance at hand. We want to make COVID-19 testing accessible to everyone in the country, which is why we now have 50 testing locations across the USA that are doing everything they can to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 from one community to another.

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Our Mission and Vision

We aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19 one state at the time with our on-site and mobile testing across the United States.
Through our reliable and innovative COVID-19 testing, we help create a healthier and safer environment for everyone and the future generations to come.


Our COVID-19 Testing Services

Dynamic Diagnostics offers rapid and PCR tests without any cost for individuals, families, and businesses in Chicago, IL and across the USA.
We ensure fast, accurate, and secure lab test results available within the day for rapid tests and within 42-78 hours for PCR tests.

COVID-19 Individual Testing

We provide COVID-19 testing for kids, adults, and families suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, people who are considered close contacts, or those simply wanting to get tested for safety and peace of mind. To minimize the spread of the virus, we will send your lab results through your email address. You can use our lab result certificates for school, travel, and corporate requirements.

COVID-19 Business Testing

We cater to different companies and organizations, including educational institutions, retail businesses, first responders, and more. Our COVID-19 business testing is completely. We can customize our testing services according to your business’s needs, whether you prefer it on-site or off-site. With our testing service, you can keep your employees and workplace safe without worries.


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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Dynamic Diagnostics’ professional and friendly team, striving to create a safer community through accessible COVID-19 testing for all.


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Meet Our Happy Clients

See what our satisfied clients from all over the country say about our COVID-19 testing across the USA.