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Dynamic Diagnostics offers COVID-19
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Dynamic Diagnostics

Dynamic Diagnostics
COVID-19 Testing Center in Bartlett, Illinois

We are a high-capacity testing service based out of Chicago supporting COVID-19 response efforts across the United States. Utilizing the latest technologies, we guarantee fast, accurate results you can rely on. Our trained and dedicated team members administer thousands of tests daily throughout the country.

Our testing services are proven and tested by schools, colleges, summer camps, churches, community clinics, and corporations. With our numerous testing centers scattered throughout the country, we go beyond our goal to provide easy access to testing and aftercare. We want to take the burden off your shoulders in finding a reliable COVID-19 testing facility, whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

Our testing centers offer drive-thru and walk-in options. Check the nearest Dynamic Diagnostics center in your area for more information.


Leading COVID-19 Testing Service
in the USA

  • Same-Day Results for Rapid Tests

    Same-day results are provided for rapid tests, while PCR test results are emailed within 48-72 hours.

  • High Accuracy

    Our accurate test results help physicians determine the proper care and reduce further spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Lab Result Certificates

    We send laboratory results via email for your safety and convenience, and to promote physical distancing.

  • Drive-Thru Testing & Walk-In Clinics

    We have both drive-thru testing centers as well as walk-in clinics. Check our locations for more information.


Dynamic Diagnostics' Testing Services

We are a Bartlett, Illinois-based company dedicated to providing COVID-19 testing to individuals, families, and small-scale and large-scale businesses within the United States.

COVID-19 Individual Testing

Our COVID-19 testing centers are accessible to individuals. With our commitment to preventing the further spread of the virus, we provide COVID tests to strengthen the safety and protection of every citizen in the United States. We guarantee no hidden fees or deductibles. For assistance, get in touch with the closest Dynamic Diagnostics testing center in your location.

COVID-19 Business Testing

Protect your employees and company from COVID-19 with our business testing services. We can develop a customized testing process fit for both small and large companies. Our COVID-19 business testing services cater to any industry, including schools, restaurants, community organizations, commercial firms, and more. Find our nearest testing center in your area for more details.

Guaranteed Accurate and On-Time Results!

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Why Use Dynamic Diagnostics Testing?

Unlike most testing companies, we work hand in hand with a medical practice and CLIA-certified laboratories to provide reliable testing and exceptional medical care to our clients. With our FDA-EUA-certified labs, we have worked with numerous companies and organizations on a local and national scale, and delivered a rapid turnaround of lab results for small and large companies alike.

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Fast And Accurate Results

We work with CLIA-certified labs and provide FDA-EUA-approved test kits to guarantee fast and accurate results. Expect your lab results in your email within the same day for the rapid antigen test, and within 48-72 hours for the PCR test.

Accessible Testing Sites

We have testing centers located across the country so you can conveniently receive your COVID-19 test. We have a location finder you can use to look for the closest testing site in your area.

Easy And Hassle-free Process

We provide quick and hassle-free specimen collection in our testing sites. You may choose between our drive-thru or walk-in testing. Please be advised that these options may vary depending on the location.

Professional Staff

We are composed of skilled and trained staff members who will take care of you. We are always glad to assist you with your concerns before, during, and after your test.

World-Class Care

We make sure to perform the necessary preventive measures for everyone’s protection during your COVID test. Our team members wear personal protective equipment and regularly clean and sanitize our testing centers.

Data Security And Privacy

We guarantee that all the data we acquire from you are solely used for the COVID-19 testing process. We are committed to protecting your privacy, and we will never sell your information to any entity and organization.


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